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Unusual Symptoms of TBI Roswell, GA

Unusual Symptoms of TBI

a doctor examining an x-ray sheet

Unusual Symptoms of TBI If you have been involved in a serious a serious accident and suffered a head injury, it is important to seek medical assessment. Traumatic brain injuries are often difficult to detect and may result in the sufferer displaying unusual symptoms. Knowing what to look for could save your or a loved… Continue Reading

Is It Possible To Avoid Truck Accidents?


Is It Possible To Avoid Truck Accidents? Safety is no accident. Accidents can always happen. No matter how safe you are, accidents can still occur. They are not 100 percent unavoidable. Even the most careful and conscientious of people have accidents. When you’re driving an 18 wheeler filled with technology, mechanics and systems, there is… Continue Reading

The Ever-Changing Social Media

Woman Using a Tablet Device

The Ever-Changing Social Media When it comes to technology and social media, it seems that it is ever changing. If you have a teenager, it’s hard to keep up with all the sites and apps that your kids are on. Facebook is no longer the primary social media venue for both teens and adults. As parents,… Continue Reading

What to Keep in Mind When Talking to Insurance Adjusters

a car steering wheel

What to Keep in Mind When Talking to Insurance Adjusters If you are involved in a personal injury claim, you may have to have one or more discussions with the insurance adjuster. You should always consult with an attorney before speaking with an insurance adjuster. It is good to be cautious when discussing your claim…. Continue Reading

Injustice Anywhere

Attorney Thomas Rowsey of Roswell GA

Injustice Anywhere “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”–Martin Luther King Jr. During the month of January, many Americans enjoy the day off from work and school to honor Martin Luther King Jr. While it’s nice to have a day to enjoy the freedoms of not working on that day, it’s important to remember… Continue Reading

More About Marijuana

Hands Cuffing Behind a Man's Back Roswell GA

More About Marijuana The month of December is supposed to be merry and bright. However, if you were caught in the state of Georgia possessing, using, manufacturing or buying marijuana, your holiday season could be a lot less than merry and bright. Thomas C. Rowsey understands that you have a lot at stake if this… Continue Reading

Current Statistics On Shoplifting

Lawyer Posing in Front of Shelf of Law Books

Current Statistics On Shoplifting Shoplifting is a type of theft in which a person takes retail merchandise without the intent of purchasing the item(s). According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP) there are staggering statistics surrounding the issue of shoplifting. The NASP states that approximately 27 million shoplifters are in the United States… Continue Reading

When Debt And Divorce Collide

Married Couple Not Talking to Each Other

When Debt And Divorce Collide Thomas C. Rowsey is a family law lawyer and he can help you navigate your Georgia divorce. One issue you will most likely need to address is the division of your marital debts. This is referred to as “division of assets.” This term can lead you to believe it only… Continue Reading

Hands Free For Auto Accident Prevention

Front End Minor Car Accident

Hands Free For Auto Accident Prevention How have you been doing with Georgia’s new Hands Free Georgia Law (HB673) that went into effect July 1, 2018? It’s been over 2 months, have you been able to break your bad habits of holding or supporting your cell phone while driving? It’s a tough habit to break…. Continue Reading

Avoiding Self-Incrimination

judge's gavel

Avoiding Self-Incrimination Self-Incrimination- The act of exposing oneself generally, by making a statement to “an accusation or charge of crime; to involve oneself or another person in a criminal prosecution or the danger thereof.” (Wikipedia) If you are a suspect of a crime, your rights and freedom need to be protected. You can accidentally harm… Continue Reading

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Chris Smith

Tom did an excellent job setting up my LLC for my new business recently. I was in a situation where I needed the LLC formed quickly and Tom and his team were able to work on a very short deadline. Highly recommended!

GAAW Wright

Tom has been our attorney for many years. He has been with us through thick and thin. He has successfully handled all our queries and cases with patience and understanding. We highly recommend Tom!

Corey Rennolds

At all times for the duration of my case, Tom demonstrated professionalism, confidence, and honesty. At no point was I pressured to make any one decision over another, but Tom did his best to inform me about the consequences and benefits of all of my options. If he did not know some specific detail regarding my case, he made the effort to find out. Tom instantly exudes trustworthiness and was always in steady contact. I would recommend his services to anyone.

Justina Allen

I met Tom over 10 years ago after settling in Roswell with my family. I have learned over the years that Tom is a man of high integrity, genuine and extremely knowledgeable in his field. Along with being honest, he is a straight shooter and will let you know where you stand. He will provide you with personal attention you don’t get at bigger firms and will go the extra mile. As legal matters can be frightening to deal with, Tom will guide you through the process and get you the results you need.

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