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Divorce Mediation When Making Tough Decisions Regarding Your Kids’ Extracurricular Activities

Tom Rowsey Attorneys At Law is Atlanta’s skilled attorney’s office, skilled in guiding individuals through family law matters. Often times, clients come to us due to disagreements and not seeing eye-to-eye on matters concerning their families.

Your Life And The Law After Whiplash

Simply speaking, whiplash is a sudden and dramatically forceful thrusting of your head forward and backward. Whiplash is usually caused by car accidents, physical assaults and sports contact injuries.

Answering Your DUI Questions

Many questions surround the topic of DUI. At Tom Rowsey Attorneys at Law, we offer DUI defense. We have extensive experience representing our Georgia clients in defending and beating DUI charges. We are often asked some common questions about DUI that we will address in this blog.

School Considerations For Your Child

Our Atlanta Lawyers at the Law Offices of Thomas C. Rowsey can assist you in solving school and family law issues and all other child custody concerns. If you are sharing joint custody then both parents share the rights and responsibilities of the children.

Truck Accidents Due To Cargo Securement

If you’ve been injured or your personal belongings have been damaged due to inadequate cargo securement, it’s time to call Tom Rowsey Attorneys at Law. Trucks with improper cargo securement are dangerous. They can cause harm and even death.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

At Tom Rowsey Attorneys at Law we handle cases involving traumatic brain injuries. Brain injuries are unlike other injuries that show visible signs of injury right away. For example, if you are in an accident and break a bone, there is usually a sudden complete loss of mobility in that area and bleeding. In the case of a traumatic brain injury, your skull usually encapsulates the immediate signs and symptoms.

Using A Financial Planner When Divorcing

Last month on April 18th was tax day. Do you prepare your taxes yourself, or ask for assistance from a professional? Sometimes the intricacies of tax laws demand getting help with your tax preparation. The same applies when it comes to divorce.

DUI Considerations

When considering what happens when you’ve been charged with a DUI, it can be overwhelming. The ramifications from such a charge ripple through your daily life and those ripples can reach way into consequences for years to come. The ripple effect of your DUI charges not only can cause strain on you, but they also can and will affect those in your life.

Deciding Between Legal Separation or Divorce

No one ever goes into marriage making plans for things to go south down the road. However, at times, couples decide to part ways for many different reasons. The “parting of ways” can look very different in many couples’ lives. Many choose divorce, a permanent choice. Many also choose a legal separation. Both choices have their benefits and challenges.

Georgia Family Law Versus Other States’ Laws

When you experience a need for family law help it’s important to consult with a lawyer who is an expert on your state’s law. Tom Rowsey is an expert in family law in Georgia. Georgia’s laws are unique to the state, just as each state has their own laws that mandate their ways of dealing with legal issues.