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Can I Change My Name in My Divorce?

If you are getting a divorce, you will have a number of pressing issues you will have to decide on, such as where your child will live and who gets the family home. Among these is the issue of restoring your former name.

Can I Contest a DUI License Suspension?

There are many penalties for getting a Georgia DUI. Among these penalties, the DUI license suspension is often the most dreaded. The Georgia Department of Driver Services, or the DDS, may automatically suspend your driving privileges if you are arrested for a DUI.

What Not to Say at the Scene of an Accident

Auto accidents are a common source of personal injury claims. Many people will be involved in an accident during their lifetime, but not everyone knows how important it is to refrain from saying certain things in the aftermath.

Is Trauma Counseling Compensable After an Accident?

Car accidents are often traumatic. It is not uncommon for people recovering from an accident to need some form of therapy or trauma counseling. Most people need to get back on the road soon after their accident and the stress and anxiety from the accident can be a barrier to that.

What Can Be Used to Support My Claim?

Dealing with insurance companies in the aftermath of an accident or an injury can leave you feeling like you have to put up a fight just to be fairly compensated.

What Is Included in a Settlement Demand Letter?

The personal injury claims process can be daunting, especially if you are unfamiliar with the one of the most important components: the settlement demand letter.

How Much Can I Get for Pain and Suffering?

If you have a personal injury claim pending, you may be wondering what your rights to compensation are. Some people may think they can only recoup their out of pocket costs.

Insurance Settlements and Taxes

If you have an insurance settlement coming your way, you may be wondering what the tax ramifications might be. While it is true that most forms of income are taxable under state and federal law, insurance settlements are a little different.

How to Protect Your Interests When Working With Insurance Companies

Working with an insurance company on a claim can try your patience. Even if your claim is legitimate and your coverage is applicable, the insurance company may delay or even deny your claim for any number of reasons.

Is Swerving Probable Cause for a DUI Stop?

The Fourth Amendment protects us from unreasonable search and seizure by the government. This right covers police pullovers. This means an officer needs a legal reason, called probable cause, to pull you over.