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Vehicular Homicide Defense Lawyer

In the state of Georgia, vehicular homicide is a felony. It can be a conviction that could greatly impact both your reputation and your future. At the law offices of Thomas C. Rowsey, we carry over two decades of experience defending clients who have been charged with vehicular homicide and other criminal accusations. We understand the profound consequences that a vehicular homicide conviction can bring, which may include a penalty ranging from three to twenty years in prison depending on the cause. Attorney Thomas C. Rowsey is a reputable criminal defense lawyer who has been awarded some of the highest accolades in the legal industry. You can trust him to carefully evaluate the evidence surrounding your specific vehicular homicide case and develop a strong defense strategy to fight for your rights in both trial advocacy and pre-trial negotiation. Our pursuit to obtain a favorable outcome for your case is relentless.

Vehicular Homicide Due to Reckless Driving, Speeding or Intoxication

The defense strategy for those facing vehicular homicide charges can vary depending on whether the driver was reckless, speeding or intoxicated. For some, it was a brief lack of judgment behind the wheel that caused a fatal car accident. At the law offices of Thomas C. Rowsey, we understand that it can be a living nightmare to enter a legal process where you are facing charges for the death of another human being. To help you navigate the process and understand the defense tactics available to you, you need the wise, experienced and compassionate counsel from a vehicular homicide defense lawyer. Our Roswell attorneys will educate you on your specific charges as well as explain the potential defense strategies that can lessen your consequences and protect your future.

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