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Arrested for Marijuana Possession?

Have you recently been arrested for marijuana in the Roswell area? While you may not be able to undo your arrest, you may still be able to take action against the consequences. At the law office of Thomas C. Rowsey, we deliver a strong defense for clients facing marijuana possession charges. Mr. Rowsey is a reputable criminal defense attorney with over 25 years of experience defending drug-related crimes in Georgia. We not only understand the detailed penalties of marijuana possession under Georgia law, but we also know how to build a strategic case against the prosecution so that you get the most favorable outcome in court. Our law firm values a tenacious yet customized approach when defending clients who have been arrested for marijuana. We represent clients in both misdemeanor and felony cases.

Marijuana Possession Defense Lawyer

In the state of Georgia, it is a crime to possess marijuana for personal use or to buy, manufacture or sell it. Georgia law considers the possession of an ounce or less of marijuana to be a misdemeanor. However, it is important to realize that there are circumstances in which possession of less than an ounce can result in a felony charge. This is typically when the offender is found to have intent to distribute, either for sale or for sharing. The ramifications of marijuana possession and intent to distribute are significant, as it can include possible prison time, fines and other penalties.

At the law office of Thomas C. Rowsey, we realize what is at stake when arrested for marijuana possession. Our experienced and determined defense lawyers are ready to go to work for you so that your charges and/or penalties can be lessened or dropped all together. Our attorneys carefully search for evidence within the prosecution and law enforcement methods that may support your defense. We are keenly aware of proper search and seizure guidelines and are prepared to expose any violations in your case.

If you are ready to set up a consultation with a nationally-recognized Criminal Defense Attorney, please contact Thomas C. Rowsey at our Roswell office today. If you are facing marijuana possession charges in Georgia, you can trust that we will work hard to ensure you receive fair and honest treatment in court.