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White Collar Criminal Defense

In recent years, white collar crime has been thrusted into the spotlight. Government efforts to thwart sophisticated business crimes has generated a significant increase in white collar criminal defense. Due to the complexities of federal regulations, white collar crime is often considered an ambiguous area of law, one constantly setting legal precedents. Unlike most attorneys, Thomas C. Roswell’s breadth of knowledge regarding white collar crime spans over two decades. He has successfully represented criminal defendants throughout the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, including clients facing charges for a variety of white collar crimes.

What Exactly Is A White Collar Crime?

When most people think of criminal law, they usually envision so-called “street crimes,” such as robbery, murder, rape, or other violent or intrusive acts. In contrast, white collar crime is a category of crimes that involves non-violent courses of conduct that principally involve financial transactions. The term white collar derives from the nature of the categories in which these crimes fit - business and government professions. In general terms, white collar crimes include:

  • Bribery or public corruption.
  • Embezzlement.
  • Insider trading.
  • Securities, insurance, credit card, lending, and government benefit fraud.
  • Antitrust violations.
  • Tax evasion.
  • Real estate and securities scams.
  • Internet scams.
  • Other acts which involve deception for the purpose of appropriating money.

White collar crimes may also include environmental crimes: although there is no theft involved, a company may be accused of trying to skirt an environmental law to obtain an economic benefit or to avoid the economic impact of complying with the law.

There are numerous federal and state statutes that address an extremely broad variety of actions that fall under the class of white collar crimes. We help our clients combat white collar charges by:

  • Breaking down the intricacies of these laws and identifying areas of defense for our client.
  • Protecting our clients from unnecessary attention, keeping their best interests in mind.
  • Implementing legal strategies using our expertise and personal knowledge in securities, business law and federal and state regulations.
  • Structuring internal investigations, developing guidelines and executing compliance programs and addressing issues of voluntary disclosure that will help reduce or drop charges.
  • Years of litigation experience at the Federal and state levels, with valued relationships with the legal community in Georgia.

Your White Collar Crime Representation

Our approach is strategic and methodical. We work to find an appropriate solution for almost all white collar crimes. The law office of Thomas C. Rowsey has represented businesses, sole proprietors and employees against white collar charges and has been successful in mitigating collective damage. Mr. Rowsey is also a skilled appellate attorney, helping many appeal convictions in a criminal case. Contact Roswell drug offense lawyer Thomas C. Rowsey by phone at 770-993-5317, or use the online consultation form on this site.

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