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Truck Accidents

The fear of being in a car accident is valid, more than 130,000 people are annually hurt in a car accident in the state of Georgia. Now, imagine if your car accident became a trucking accident. More than 10,000 trucking accidents happen annually on Georgia highways, leaving victims reeling from the experience. These accidents cause severe, sometimes fatal injuries leaving family members and loved ones with a lot to bear. Personal injury attorney Thomas C. Rowsey works with clients involved in trucking accidents, helping them understand their rights. His team exercises compassion with the right authority to help you get the justice you deserve. He has handled hundreds of accident cases and he can handle yours too.

Working throughout the city of Atlanta and surrounding areas, Mr. Rowsey has an in-depth knowledge of personal injury law, with unique specialization in car and trucking accidents. Trucking accidents differ greatly from motor vehicle accidents, as truck drivers tend to work of large corporations or as independent contractors. This differentiation places a layer of complexity when pursuing legal action. But that should not deter any truck accident victim from looking into their legal options. Attorney Thomas C. Rowsey will analyze your case and help you determine the next steps in your personal injury claim.

Some challenges that may arise in pursuit of filing a claim after a trucking accident include:

  • Naming the proper defendant or defendants to a trucking accident lawsuit
  • Government regulations that are enforced federally within the trucking industry, making the discovery process complicated.
  • Getting access to pertinent information such as the truck driver’s logs, the cargo that he or she is carrying, how that cargo was loaded, the weight of the cargo, who loaded the cargo, whether that cargo was properly registered as dangerous and many other questions that can arise.

This could lead to mistakes that include failing to ask for certain evidence if someone who does not possess the proper level of experience is handling the discovery phase of a trucking accident. The law offices of Thomas C. Rowsey has been handling these cases for over 20 years and can provide proper counsel in your time of need.

Even if you believe that you may have been partly at fault for the accident, such as if you were speeding, you still may be able to recover some damages. Under Georgia’s comparative fault rule, a victim is only barred from receiving compensation if his or her responsibility for the injury is at least 50 percent. Otherwise, it is possible to seek a damages award proportionate to the defendant’s degree of fault.

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