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School Considerations For Your Child

Roswell GA Family Law AttorneyCan you believe we are already into August? Where did the summer go? With summer bidding its final farewell soon, it means that school doors are about to open and children will flood back into classrooms all across the country. Here you can find a listing of many of when school begins around Georgia.  If you’re going through a divorce or separation this is a time you really need to consider where your child or children will attend school, especially if you live in homes in two different states or districts.

Our Atlanta Lawyers at the Law Office of Thomas C. Rowsey can assist you in solving school and family law issues and all other child custody concerns. If you are sharing joint custody then both parents share the rights and responsibilities of the children.

In cases involving divorce or separation, there are a number of arrangements that can be made in regard to schooling. Parents are able to create and submit a parenting plan to the court if they are in agreement.  If no agreement can be formulated the court will make an independent determination based on the “best interest of the child.”

When it comes to your child’s schooling, it’s best to formulate a plan that offers consistency and stability for their schooling. Some items that are taken into consideration in regard to schooling include:

  1. Age of the children
  2. Parent’s living situations, conditions and location
  3. Children’s desires and preferences
  4. The stability and consistency provided

If you’re going through a divorce or separation, call our Atlanta Lawyers at the Law Office of Thomas C. Rowsey. Be sure to start your child’s school year out as strong as possible.

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