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Divorce can be one of the most challenging experiences in any person’s life, particularly if there are young children involved. Dissolving a marriage not only causes emotional strain but sometimes leads to financial turmoil as well. Even when the process is mostly amicable, it is time-consuming and complicated to work out all the details that must be decided prior to finalization. If you are contemplating ending a marriage in Atlanta or the surrounding area, you should seek the advice of skilled divorce attorney Thomas C. Rowsey. During a career of over 20 years, he has assisted numerous individuals with family law matters in Marietta, Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Roswell, Sandy Springs, and other communities in Fulton, DeKalb, and Cobb Counties.


Any spouse who has been a legal resident of Georgia for at least six months can file for a divorce there. Alternatively, a spouse from outside the state can petition to dissolve a marriage if the other spouse has been a legal resident of the state for at least six months. There are a few exceptions to these rules, such as when one spouse is a member of the armed forces.

Georgia allows for divorce on both no-fault and fault grounds. For a no-fault divorce, either spouse can file to end the marriage by stating that the relationship is “irretrievably broken.” A fault-based divorce can be sought on many specific grounds, including adultery, alcoholism or drug addiction, incurable mental illness, certain felony convictions, and willful desertion.

Choosing between these two types of divorce is more than just a legal formality. If a fault-based divorce is based on certain allegations, such as desertion or adultery, an at-fault spouse is not entitled to support payments. Depending on the situation, there also may be an impact on child custody, visitation rights, or the division of marital assets.

Divorce requires settling all of the financial arrangements of the couple and making financial and domestic arrangements for any children involved. Every divorcing couple must resolve all matters related to dividing their property, deciding child custody and any visitation arrangements, setting amounts of spousal support and child support, and any other issues that are relevant to their specific circumstances.

In some cases, a divorcing couple may be able to resolve how they want to settle their affairs on their own. However, there are times when some or all of these matters may be difficult to resolve, or are vigorously contested. In those cases, an experienced family law attorney can help one or both spouses to arrive at an agreement by assisting in the processes of negotiation, mediation, or litigation if needed.


Divorces and all the legal arrangements that accompany them may hold pitfalls for couples who try to formalize the end of their marriage without the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney. Divorcing spouses are often so embroiled in their own emotional turmoil and their needs and concerns that they may not fully account for all their present and future interests. The capable and compassionate staff at the Law Offices of Thomas C. Rowsey can assist you in identifying and resolving these obstacles. We will carefully learn about the details of your situation so that we can help protect your rights. For a free consultation to find out how our Roswell firm may be able to help you, contact family law lawyer Thomas C. Rowsey by phone at 770-993-5317 or use theonline form on our website.