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What Can Delay a Personal Injury Case?

Personal injury cases can vary widely in how long they will take to settle or get to a trial. It is not uncommon for personal injury cases to be delayed, as there are many different components that need to come together for the case to settle. When approaching a personal injury claim, you may want to expedite the process so you can pay your bills and move on with your life. To do this, you can simply accept the first offer the insurance company extends, leaving as little room as possible for delays. However, being patient can reap big rewards. It is generally in your best interest to not rush the personal injury claims process.   Personal injury cases can be delayed at any state. In the beginning stages of a personal injury case, you will open up a claim and treat your injuries. You may be speaking with an attorney as well. At this point, the claims process will remain relatively stand still until you finish treatment and have healed as much as you are able to. Depending on your injuries, this part of the claims process could take a significant amount of time. Don't rush through it though. Take the time you need to heal before you try to settle your claim. This is the only way you can be ensured a fair settlement for your losses.   Once you've finished treating, there are many other things that could delay the settlement of your claim. You will have to submit all the necessary documentation to the insurance adjuster. This usually includes all relevant medical records, medical bills, proof of loss of earnings, statements from witnesses, police or crash reports, images of your injuries and/or the damage to your car, and receipts for other out of pocket costs. Waiting for all the proper medical records can be a source of delay in your case. Your doctors will need to submit thorough records. The insurance adjuster may request further records if those are not sufficient, and so there may be some back and forth between your doctors and the insurance adjuster. Once all the proper documentation is in, you may be waiting for several weeks while the adjuster reviews your records, after which you may be extended an offer. You may experience back and forth at this stage too if the adjuster is not offering you what you feel is a fair settlement. If settlement negotiations are unsuccessful, you may choose to litigate your case and take it to court. At this point, the timeline of your case will shift dramatically as you prepare for trial. Ideally, you would settle before reaching litigation, because litigation will further delay the process.   Are you in the Roswell area and have questions about the personal injury claims process in Georgia? Thomas C. Rowsey, P.C. is experienced in personal injury law and will help you navigate the process from beginning to end. Based in historic Roswell, GA, Thomas C. Rowsey Attorneys at Law serves those across the greater Atlanta metropolitan area including Roswell, Alpharetta, Marietta, Milton, Johns Creek, Cumming and Sandy Springs. Contact our office today at (770) 993-5317 or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation. Offering expert legal counsel in personal injury, criminal defense and family law, Thomas C. Rowsey Attorneys at Law are here to help.