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Truck Accident Serves As An Inspiration For HB 673

Car accidentDid you hear that House Bill 673 recently was passed in Georgia? HB 673 is a bill designed to stop the destructive rise of deaths due to distracted driving. As of July 1, 2018 it will no longer be legal for Georgia drivers to hold any electronic device while driving a motor vehicle.

One inspirational story that was heard concerned families who lost their Georgia Southern University students due to a 2015 truck accident involving distracted driving. You can read more about the House Bill 673 and the family’s inspirational story here at myAJC.

HB 673 prohibits the holding or supporting, with any part of the body, a wireless telecommunications device or stand-alone electronic device while driving. It also prohibits writing, sending or reading any text-based communication, including a text message, instant message, email or internet data while holding your device while driving. It also prohibits recording a video while driving.

If you or a family member has suffered from injury or death due to a truck accident or any other motor vehicle accidents, you know the toll that this type of loss can take on your family. As HB 673 goes into affect, you’ll continue to need an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you recover from your losses due to the accident.

Thomas C. Rowsey is your Atlanta accident attorney. He has a successful track record that is built on his dedication to all of his clients. Personal accidents happen, and sometimes they are due to distracted driving. Contact Thomas C. Rowsey to help you navigate the law to get you what you’re entitled to after the accident.

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