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How Will I Be Compensated for Disfigurement?

Personal injury cases are complex in that they involve valuing, to some extent, the injuries of the injured party. Those suffering from a permanent or temporary disfigurement have a right to compensation, by the liable party, for the economic costs of their disfigurement, such as medical expenses and lost wages. They also have a right to compensation for their pain and suffering. Pain and suffering is an industry standard term used to denote the non-economic losses the injured party sustained. These can include the actual physical pain from the injury, its treatment and its aftermath, the emotional and psychological trauma from the injury and the overall effect the injury will have on their life now and in the future.

Disfigurement is likely to require follow up treatment down the road, be physically painful and cause some emotional and psychological distress, dependent upon the nature and severity. Disfigurement may also cost the injured party in terms of their social relationships. Again, this is dependent upon the nature and severity of the disfigurement. It is also possible a disfigurement could have economic ramifications as well as it could have an affect upon the injured party's earning power. For example, if the injured party was left with severe facial scaring and they worked in an image-conscious industry, their disfigurement may pose a barrier to their earning potential. Similarly, a disfigurement could compromise your career if you worked in sales or in some other role where appearances can have a big impact on your work performance.

The extent to which your disfigurement affects your life is a major factor in determining what your compensation will look like. Factors that may come into play in this calculation include what effect your disfigurement has on your activities and hobbies, profession, social life or role as a family member. In Georgia, there is no cap on what you can collect for pain and suffering damages so the amount will vary greatly, depending on the disfigurement. There are many factors to consider before you settle a personal injury claim or case involving disfigurement so it is important to speak with an experienced Georgia personal injury attorney about the nature and extent of your disfigurement to get a better idea of how you will be compensated.

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