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DUI Considerations

Roswell GA DUI Defense AttorneyWhen considering what happens when you’ve been charged with a DUI, it can be overwhelming. The ramifications from such a charge ripple through your daily life and those ripples can reach way into consequences for years to come. The ripple effect of your DUI charges not only can cause strain on you, but they also can and will affect those in your life.

When being charged with DUI,  it will usually cause you to lose your ability to drive. This will not only be a hardship for you, but your family who depends on you will lose you as a driver. If you have children you will need to find alternate ways for your child to get to and from school, events and friends’ homes.

Your job will be another consideration you will need to make when your driving ability is compromised due to your DUI. Getting to and from work will need to be handled differently. If you drive for your job, you may need to find an alternate form of income until you can perform your driving duties. Your co-workers may need to pitch in and give you rides until your license is valid once again.

The consequences of your DUI charges can be hefty. Fines, loss, imprisonment and charges to your record are the unfortunate potential results. If you fink yourself with a DUI charge, it’s important to consult an experienced lawyer like Tom Rowsey. He will help you navigate your charges and know how to advise you on next steps so your consequences can be as minimal as possible. Tom Rowsey wants to get you back on the roads as quickly and safely as possible.

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